The night was pitch dark outside. In a tight corner around the 7th street, a dim light burned, creating a deep amber, enough to guide his way. As Prof Lu treaded down the glazed path, he knew it was different today. The usual solitude, he was so used to, was…

Except for satiating your hunger for Muslim bashing, NRC doesn’t offer anything of value.

Credits: Satish Acharya (@satishacharya)

If you are not living beneath a rock, you may have already heard about it. The NRC and CAA. But ask any casual man on the street with an opinion. What does he/she make of it? What do they think it does?

Most won’t have a clear answer. ‘Coz let’s…

It is just a small reminder of why CAB isn’t going to work for Hindus as well, contrary to what BJP claims. Of course, the unconstitutionality is totally another matter.

In light of the introduction of Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 (CAB) in parliament, here is a short summary on why it won’t help non-Muslims left out of NRC (and pan-India NRC yet to come) get Indian citizenship and why you are f**ed.

First up, what do you need to provide…

While the media coverage has been rife that Article 370 is no more, the truth is far darker.

TL;DR: Article 370 hasn’t been abrogated (yet), but a path has been set to make its abrogation easy (provided Supreme Court caves in)

Part 1: No abrogation of Article 370; Presidential Order of 1954 superseded

Much and more has been written about the new government order i.e. the Presidential Order titled The Constitution (Application to Jammu & Kashmir) Order, 2019. While much…

Article 370 and Article 35-A is perhaps one of the most controversial pieces of legislation. Many believe that it provides an unusual “special status” to Jammu and Kashmir. Well, how true is this claim? In this rather lengthy article, we will look at the background, origin, implications, and impact of the possible deletion of both Articles 370 and 35-A.

Source: Outlook India


As 1947 approached, there were more than 500 princely states in British India. Ruled by Indian princes, they owed allegiance to British. In June 1947, when Partition plan was put in place, states were given the option to choose. Some chose India. Some chose Pakistan. Some chose to remain independent…

This election was a testimony to the George Carlin who warned us to never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups and its time that we started calling those stupid people out.

Image result for Nation of stupids india

Democracies fail not just because of corrupt politicians, but also because its citizens are gullible and its conscience keepers, pliable. They say that in Democracy the government is the will of the people and that the will of the people should be respected. But what do you do when that…

The Bhakt is more dangerous than the BJP itself. He uses the BJP to channel his hate, insecurities, and biases against minorities, political parties and all those he disagrees with. In the BJP, he has found a voice which he had lost for 700 years.

He hates Muslims, he hates…

Credit: Siasat

Edit: Yesterday, my friend, a Muslim, experienced something that I had never seen first-hand: Being denied a place to stay because he is a Muslim and this happened not in places known for it — Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and their likes. It happened in a peaceful place of Haldia, where I…

Credit: Pawel Kuczynski

Facebook (or Twitter) is toxic. With loads of hate, trolling, misinformation, disinformation, straight-out lies, threats of rape, murder, lynching and assault flying around, it comes as no surprise when Pew Research reports that since the scandalous Cambridge Analytica revelations, in US ‘around four-in-ten (42%) say that they have taken a…

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